May 2019   
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     My name is Karen. On 1/17/10, I had attended the Miracle Healing Service at Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship Church. I had been emailing Bill over the last few months about a couple of health issues that I was having. He began to tell me about the autoimmune diseases and how it relates to unforgiveness and damaged emotions. Bill told me about the service that he was having on 1/17/10. I told him that I would attend and from that time on, I had experienced so much spiritual warefare to stop me from coming to be healed. My car broke down but, thanks to God, I was able to get it fixed. Then on the my way to the service I got lost and I was driving for about an hour, and realized that I was almost 15 minutes from home. I became so discouraged, I called Laura and told her I wasn't going to come and she began to pray with me. I pulled over on the side of the road. I said to myself devil you are a liar! I am going to press my way to the service because I determined to be healed. I finally made it to the service about 12 noon. Bill lead me through a prayer of forgiveness and I was healed from damaged emotions. As I was driving back home, I noticed that I could breathe out of my nose. I have always had a stuffy or a running nose since I can remember. I was also healed of sinus problems. Thanks be to God Almighty!

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